Personal Message Manager

What is the Personal Message Manager?

This email system includes an advanced junk email detection system that diverts junk email into your Personal Message Manager account, keeping these messages out of your inbox.

So that you are aware of what has been diverted, the system will send you an email message with a list of messages currently in your Personal Message Manager account. This message, called a digest message, provides you with a simple way of checking if something important has been diverted. If something had been diverted that you wanted to receive, you can click on the deliver link beside the message to have it released and delivered to your inbox. Messages that you don’t want can be deleted by selecting the delete link.

If you are expecting a message to arrive you can use the Personal Message Management website to safely view the messages currently held and release them immediately without waiting for the digest message to arrive. To access the website use the "Open my Personal Message Manager" at the top of this page.

What can I do?

Some useful new terms

  • Diverted message is a message that has been withheld from your inbox.
  • Digest message lists all the messages the system diverted on your behalf. These are periodically delivered to your inbox.
  • Release is the act of having a message delivered to your inbox.
  • Trusted sender is an email address you trust to send you safe messages.
  • Shared mailbox contains messages that are not addressed to you personally, but that you have access to, for example a company contact address.